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This week’s question:

To-Be-Read’s: How big is your pile? Which book keeps getting pushed down the stack, but you keep meaning to read it?
Actually my TBR pile isn’t too bad. I’ve got about 13-15 books physically in my room to read. I bought them so there really isn’t a rush to read them in any order or by any time. The “pile” on my Kindle is bigger. I have 30/40 books  or so on there that I haven’t read. They’re all Public Domain or Kindle freebies so once again no rush about getting to them.


My TBR list is a different story and that’s not even everything. Those are just books that I’ve remembered to add to my list. I guess it’s not as bad as it looks because some books are on my Kindle and others I own.


Generally I just read what I want. I keep seeing people talk about a book on my TBR pile? I’ll take it out and read it next. If I feel like reading a book of xxx genre, I’ll just grab one. There’s no rhyme or reason to the order of books. I certainly don’t have a set list to follow. Of course, I bump library books to the top of the pile since they have to go back. I’ve decided to be pretty picky about review books for a while until I can get my owned books under control. I don’t want to have a massive pile like some bloggers have. I just don’t have that room!

17 thoughts on “TGIF: To-Be-Read’s

  1. How big is your pile?
    My pile is really small, it is about 6 physical books only. It would be shorter if :
    1) I didn’t take the last part of trilogy instead first, lol xD
    2) There are some books I wanted to read, but as I begun to read I saw that one book is a little too difficult for me (I do understand what it all go about, but I better wait till my German is so good, that I understand it not because I just got it somehow, but because I know those rules, WHY those sentences look like that.. understand me?) and for another one I just had and still have no any mood.

    Which book keeps getting pushed down the stack, but you keep meaning to read it
    It all depends on my mood only.

    I also have a wishlist and it also depends on my mood only, no any row system, but sometimes when I really don’t know what I want I just go to shop and pic that book, which has the most nice cover, lol xD

    • There’s nothing wrong with pushing off difficult books! I still do that. I’ll try it and realize I should wait a while before reading it.

      Ahhh. I do mood reading too.

      • Yup, reading should make fun!
        Btw, I decided to take an Interview with a vampire because I am a fan of fantasy genre where the action goes in that old old times and felt like this book gonna be a right choice. I was SO wrong! So I am forcing myself to keep reading it and feel like my brain degradates (what is the right version of last verb? google gives me “degradation” as answer, lol :E)

          • The story itself is good.. so far. But I really don’t like books where the main figure (in this case Louis) feels sorry for itself all the time and 90% all information are his thoughts about who/what he is and blablabla… and it looks like doesn’t matter what gonna happen in his life he anyway will find reason to feel sorry for himself :E It did got better when Claudia took her place in this story but now (I mean that place where I currently read, don’t want to spoil lol ) Ann Rice begun talking about his super duper sensitive soul and super duper ” I am looking soooo deep into myself” again…
            I am so happy the movie makers didn’t try to make movie as close as it is possible to the book and there was no “the Queen of the Damned” in any local book store, cause I really am not going to read any more book written by A. Rice.

  2. How many books on my TBR pile? It’s more of a mountain, actually, and they’re all over the place because it’s currently sitting at just over 1000. Nuts, I know, but it’s a bit of an addiction and I love my home library! Plus books are so much cheaper here than at home in Australia (and easier to get hold of, generally) so I think of it as stocking up for when I move back. 😉

    But it’s REALLY hard to decide what to read next! Too much choice! So lots of books keep getting pushed back.

  3. I love how relaxed you are about when you read books and what order you read them in. Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in reading, blogging and reviewing, but you seem to have it all under control! Have fun reading all your books 🙂

  4. God, I wish I was that relaxed about it. Having an order in my head at least allows me to believe I’m not falling behind.

    And what you said about the Kindle? That freaks me out too. I know if I get one (as I am considering) I’ll multiply my TBR to new heights.

    • I have to keep relaxed about it. I’m doing this for fun and I don’t want to ruin something I enjoy.

      Oh yeah, Kindle hoarding is easy. You can buy tons of books and they don’t take up physical space. I think as long as you stay on top of the books you pay for you should be find. (Read the freebies when you can and if you don’t get to them, no big deal.)

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