Listed: Banned Books I’ve Enjoyed

ListedBanned Books Week this year is September 24-October 1. If you’re unfamiliar with Banned Books Week, check out the ALA’s website to catch up on what’s it all about. Here’s my list of books that I’ve enjoyed and urge you to read if you haven’t read them already.

I have read more of the books on the banned list but these are the ones that jumped out at me as I went through the lists. I find the reasons from banning some of these books kind of odd. Just for reference, I got the reasons from the ALA’s website. Sorry there’s not reasons for everything.

Some of these books I read as  a kid (HP, Bridge, Gilly Hopkins, Wrinkle in Time) and I don’t remember anything being “bad” about them. I do have to say I might have been somewhat oblivious as a kid though.  When I read, I read to take me to a different place. I didn’t read to be influenced by characters. My parents made it very clear that books and reality aren’t the same thing. Just because Harry felt he was allowed to break rules whenever he wanted to does not mean I could break rules and not get punished. See parents/adults who want to ban books? Make these things clear and you shouldn’t have a problem.

Other books on the list I’ve read as an adult and once again don’t remember anything too bad about them. In this case I was reading as an adult for myself, not reading it to see if it was okay for my child. Obviously who is going to read the book changes everything. Would I let my 8 year old kid read the Hunger Games? Uh, not a chance. Would I let my 14 year old read the Hunger Games? I’d have no problem with that. Banning books is ridiculous. If anyone should be restricting access to books, it should be the parents and that only lasts until the kid is 18.

I didn’t really mean for that to turn into a rant about banning book. Ooops!

So what are some banned books that you enjoy?

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6 thoughts on “Listed: Banned Books I’ve Enjoyed

  1. One of my favorites is Fahrenheit 451. A book about a futuristic society that has banned books and will go as far as burn the entire house down where books are found. The similarities between that society and our own is uncanny.

  2. I read The Hunger Games and some of the others listed, and by no means agree with them being banned. I guess what I’m most stuck on for why the Hunger Games is on the list is that they said that it was sexually explicit! How exactly? I’ve seen Disney movies that were worse and MTV had one show for twelve year-old(s) that should never have even aired but no one had a problem with. Television itself is sexually explicit.
    I agree with your point on age wise, I wouldn’t let my eight year-old read it either (if I had one) but I’d let my twelve year-old if I thought she/he was mature enough. Heck, I’d let an eleven year-old if they were mature enough.
    Reading makes the mind work, sets out morals as well as points and lessons. We need these series just as much as we need any other. (Still wondering why A Wrinkle in time is on the list… hmmmmm…)

    • The only thing I could think of is Katniss and Peeta pretending to be in love?
      I think age is the one area I’m more okay with restrictions. A book might not be “bad” but who’s reading it make all the difference in the world!
      From what I’ve seen online, Wrinkle is banned because of religious content. I don’t even know what that would be though…

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