Public Library Books for Kindle

Yesterday Amazon announced that users can now borrow Kindle books through their library. As of right now, only 11,000 libraries have Kindle friendly books but more libraries will be on board soon. More information about how to get the books to your Kindle here.

It turns out that your highlights and notes are saved even after you ‘return’ the book. If you decide to purchase the book or check out again, all your notes and highlights are saved and appear in the book! How cool is that?

Sadly, my library doesn’t offer Kindle books yet so I can’t tell you anymore about it.

Have you downloaded a book from your library yet? Is the process easy? Tell me all about it in the comments.


4 thoughts on “Public Library Books for Kindle

  1. That’s neat that it saves your comments in case you check out the book again! I have a Sony Reader and have checked out e-books from the library before. I don’t know about Kindle, but with the Reader, it’s a really easy process.

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