Book Review: “The Secret Garden”

The Secret Garden

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“The Secret Garden” by Frances Hodgson Burnett

Genre: Children’s Fiction, Classic

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Summary from Amazon:

After losing her parents and being shipped from India to the Yorkshire Moors, Mary Lennox is terribly lonely. Living in her uncle’s gloomy mansion, she has nobody to play with. But one day, she learns of a secret garden somewhere in the grounds that her uncle won’t allow anyone to enter. Then Mary uncovers an old key in a flowerbed – and a gust of magic leads her to the hidden door. Slowly, she turns the key and enters a world she could never have imagined…


I had mixed feelings about reading this. On one hand, I was worried because I have had difficult reading experiences with classics and older books. On the other hand, I really did want to read it and it is a children’s book so I thought I should be fine.

I’m glad I decided to read this book! It was absolutely charming and sweet. I absolutely found myself smiling and laughing throughout the story. It’s definitely a very laid back story. It’s always weird stepping back to a different and simpler time. I wasn’t used to the calmness of the story. It took a while for me to get used to. Maybe that’s why it took me several days to read even though it’s an easy story.

I’m very surprised at how easy it was to read. Old language can be difficult for anyone to read. Overall the language was easy but then again it is a children’s story. The only parts that I had a problem reading were some of the dialogue bits because some characters had a Yorkshire accent. The best advice I can give to reading those bits is don’t give words too much thought if you don’t know what they are. You can usually get the gist of what is being said with just context.

I loved Mary and Colin’s relationship. I always enjoy character’s who don’t take crap from each other. It was a very real relationship because I have seen relationships like this in life.

This is so drastically different than what most kids read today but I still think it’s a worthwhile read for everyone. I wouldn’t say this is the type of  book you could take and read in an afternoon. For me, it was more of ‘read a few chapters here and read a few chapters there’ type book.

Review 4/5

I felt like this is a must read for everyone. To all you folks out there who haven’t read this and have an e-reader, you have no excuse! It’s a free public domain book. Get it from Project Gutenberg

I am definitely going to read this to my future children.


3 thoughts on “Book Review: “The Secret Garden”

  1. I have seen the movie based on this book, really nice made.. as long as I can remember it.. you know, I was a child xD
    How good you have wrote about it, I definitely gonna read it!

  2. I just read and discussed this one as well. I adored it! I never read it as a child, but it was definitely enjoyable as an adult. 🙂

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