How To Get Free Books

I don’t know about you guys but I love free books. Though I am still fairly new to the book blogging world, I know of a few ways to get free books!

Goodreads Book Giveaways
This one is pretty straightforward. You simply enter the contest for the book you’d like to win. It’s updated quite often. You don’t have to do anything to win aside from enter but they would really like it if you posted a review of the book on Goodreads.

Random Buzzers
Simply make an account and earn points to buy a book. You earn points from posting reviews, taking quizzes, and doing activities. Quite a few books to choose from. [Leave your email address if you want an invite! I can get points if you sign up from my invite.] [Apprently I can’t link to this one]
By far my favorite option. You use their search engine, do little tasks, and try to find codes to earn Swagbucks. You can redeem your Swagbucks for Amazon giftcards (to buy books or anything you want) or you can buy books or Kindle books directly from their store. I’ve been using this for several years now and this is how I keep my Amazon account filled with money to buy books.

I’m new to this one and haven’t requested anything yet. It’s open for professional reviewers (book bloggers included), media professionals, librarians, teachers, other educators and booksellers.  You request books from publishers and if you meet the publisher’s requirements, they’ll send you the book! I think they want a review from you though? Pretty cool.

That’s all the ways I know of right now. Do you know of any other ways to get free books that you’d like to share? Leave them in the replies!


15 thoughts on “How To Get Free Books

  1. I absolutely love Netgalley. I don’t know if the reviews are absolutely required… I probably should find out!

    I’ve gotten quite a few ebooks from LibraryThing lately. They have an Early Reviewers program and a Member Giveaways program where you can get either physical books or ebooks in exchange for a brief review. Apparently if you build your library and post reviews on the LibraryThing site, it helps boost your chances. I think it’s worth the effort.

    Haven’t heard of Swagbucks or Random Buzzers before, but I’ll definitely look into those. Nice post. 🙂

    • I should look into LibraryThing. Thanks!

      I highly recommend Swagbucks. It’s so easy to get stuff and it’s the stuff you want. I can’t vouch too much for Random Buzzers. I’m still working my way towards points for my first book. It’s pretty easy to get points though.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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