Book Review: “Sally Forth, Vile Curmudgeon!”

“Sally Forth, Vile Curmudgeon!” by Travis Webster

Genre: Middle Grade Fiction

GoodreadsSource: The author [Thank you!]

Summary from Goodreads:

Prepare for a time of action and, simultaneously, inaction! “Sally Forth, Vile Curmudgeon” is a simmering stew of hilarity, a single spoonful of which will reveal notes of de-branched fir, rosary-pea pie and bear-daisies. A reader of true distinction might even detect a hint of maple-aged coho salmon.

Sal Silver was an average Gordonsburgian boy until a toque-toting, bear-modifying madman embarked on a plan to ruin the Silver family’s bakery. Sal’s ensuing attempts to protect himself and his parents land him in a string of misadventures that range from the dramatically suspenseful to the downright absurd.

If life-threatening culinary face-offs, suspicious front door prices, and the most important alchemical preparation in all of history all seem petty and mundane to you, then by all means, sally forth. But if not, secure yourself to your Kindle with a piece of Melman’s Unbreakable Fish Floss and think smugly to yourself, “If the book moves, I, too, will move!”


This book was interesting. It was a nice mix of silliness, humor, and a healthy dash of absurdity. Want proof of that? Check out the some of the titles of the chapters: “Front Doors Were on Sale at a Greatly-Reduced Price!”, “Just Like Nasty, Rotting, Maple-Aged Fish!”, and “Radio for Reinforcements, Rifles, and Snacks!”.

The story itself was kind of cool because it could appeal to so many age groups. It had the silliness and absurdity that children love. The language itself was generally fairly simple so middle school-ers could read it with very few problems. The story was ‘mature’ enough so parents/adults would enjoy the story as well. Basically it was a good story for the whole family.

The language of the book was very reminiscent of an author I read but I’ve been racking my brain trying to think of who it is. [No luck so far] The language feels ‘proper’ (come on, just look at the title) but it’s paired against the silliness/bizarreness of the story. It evens everything out so it’s very readable.

Rating 3/5

I really did enjoy the story but it was a bit for absurd/silly for my personal taste.



2 thoughts on “Book Review: “Sally Forth, Vile Curmudgeon!”

    • Probably try to say why I didn’t like. I have certain tastes so I don’t like everything but I can see if it would be something that someone else would like though.

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