Pottermore Part 2

Remember a while back I posted about Pottermore? Well over the last few days they have opened up early registration. For 7 days there will be a clue which leads you to a website where you find the magic quill that allows you to register early.

I thought this was a fun idea but days 1-3 had the clue online anywhere between 1-4 am. That’s a bit early for me so I opted not to play and just wait until October to sign up. I woke up this morning to find that day 4’s clue hadn’t been posted yet. Obviously since I was up and didn’t have to be anywhere, I just sat around refreshing the website until the clue popped up.

It was finally posted and the clue was easy! I went to the website and tried finding the quill. I looked and looked and looked. I opened up 3 different browsers and still couldn’t find it. Finally I realized my ad blocker probably had something to do with it. I rushed to the family computer and waited for it to boot up. I was worried that by the time the computer was up and running that the registration would be closed. Thankfully it wasn’t closed yet so I managed to sign up! It was a very nice surprise especially considering I wasn’t planning on trying to sign up.

My username is: SeerGoblet155

Now I just need to wait for my email…

Update: I got my email right after I posted this.

So have you managed to sign up for Pottermore? What’s your username?


6 thoughts on “Pottermore Part 2

    • I would assume it might be a while? I figure the people who signed up on days 1-3 would get their welcome email before us. Maybe they’ll surprise us and we’ll get it soon.

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