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ListedWhile Harry Potter and his friends will continue to live on in the hearts of the readers for years to come, the last of the movies just came out leaving many of us to suffer from Post Potter Depression. Have no fear! Here are some other series to help heal that Harry Potter shaped hole in your heart.

The Percy Jackson and the Olympian series– Riordan weaves old mythologies into his stories but puts his own twist on it much like Rowling did. There are many of the same ideas as the HP books: a chosen boy, doesn’t know who he is until older, a “school”, saving the world, etc. Overall, it’s a very fun series. It might be considered a bit more juvenile than Harry Potter but still a good read.

The Heroes of Olympus series– Sequel series to Percy Jackson. Set in the same universe but focuses on different characters. If you liked the Percy Jackson books, pick these up as well.

The Hunger Games Series-It’s similar to the HP series in that the characters fight against their government and start a rebellion. It’s good if you enjoyed the adventure aspects of Harry Potter and enjoy Science Fiction & Dystopia books.

Reader Suggested:

The Uglies Series [Thanks Claire!]

The Kane Chronicles Similar to Percy Jackson books with Egyptian Mythology. [Thanks thiskidreviewsbooks!]

The Magnificent 12 by Michael Grant [Thanks thiskidreviewsbooks!]

The Jack Blank Adventures by Matt Myklusch [Thanks thiskidreviewsbooks!]l

The Chaos Walking trilogy by Patrick Ness [Thanks Alita!]

I’m pretty sure there are some other series books to include but I haven’t read them so I can’t comment on them.

SO what book series would you contribute to the list? Leave your replies in the comments and I will add your suggestions to the list (giving you credit of course).


6 thoughts on “Listed: Series Books

  1. I’ve read all these series! And I am definitely in Post Potter depression. I just got my husband to start reading Hunger Games so that’s fun for us to talk about.
    I really enjoyed the “Uglies” series so I would add that to the list. Definitely!

  2. I’ve only read one of those series in its entirety – The Hunger Games – and still need to finish the Uglies series.

    One to add to the list: The Chaos Walking trilogy by Patrick Ness is fantastic.

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