Quick Thoughts: “The Witch’s Boy”

“The Witch’s Boy” by Michael Grubner

Genre: Young Adult Fiction, Fantasy, Fairy Tale

Source: Library

Summary from Goodreads:

A grotesque foundling turns against the witch who sacrificed almost everything to raise him when he becomes consumed by the desire for money and revenge against those who have hurt him, but he eventually finds his true heart’s desire.


-This book is a really cool mix of old, familiar fairy tales the reader is familiar with and a new story.
-There are twists on the fairy tales though so it’s not quite what the reader knows.
-Some of the fairy tales mentioned in the book: Sleeping Beauty, Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella.
-The book had the potential to be really, really good.
-For the most part it was fairly good but it was really long for what it was (400 pages).
-If it was shorter, I would have liked the book much more.
-It kind of reminded me of Shrek with the sprinkling of fairy tales in the story.

Rating 2/5

If you really like fantasy and/or fairy tales, pick this book up.

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