Book Review: “Feed”

Cover of

Cover of Feed

Feed” by M. T. Anderson

Genre: Young Adult, Fiction, Science Fiction

Source: Classroom bookshelf

Summary from Goodreads:

Brave New World takes a romantic teen twist in this disarming, engrossing novel set in a hyper-computerized future.

Spending time partying on the moon and riding around in his “upcar,” Titus is an average teen of the future, complete with a computer chip implant — the “Feed” — that lets corporate marketers and government agencies broadcast directly into his brain. Then Titus meets Violet, and an anti-Feed hacker shuts down their Feeds for a short time; but when Violet’s Feed is seriously damaged, she begins spouting some radical ideas.

M. T. Anderson has predicted the future, and it’s startling indeed. Although Titus is a good, well-meaning kid, his blissful ignorance of the control over him leaves readers thinking twice about the destiny of earth’s citizens. Beneath the book’s techno-veneer, however, lies a romantic tale between a boy who gives into the system and a girl who sees beyond it. All told, Feed is a “meg” remarkable work of science fiction, and once readers begin, they’ll be caught up in its powerful grip.


I’ve wanted to read this for the longest time but never got around to it. I’m so glad I finally read it.

Feed takes place in the future. In the future, everyone has feeds planted in their brains. Feeds are computer chips that allow information, advertisements, and chatting to be in your mind all the time. At first, it seems like an interesting idea but quickly the reader finds out it’s not good at all.

I’m not a huge fan of social commentaries but the book does it well. The book is a definite commentary on our materialism and the ‘dumbing’ down of our culture. BUT it’s also a really fun, interesting science fiction book! The two are hard to find.

Fair warning, the slang of the book is really bizarre but keep reading! You might not fully understand what they’re saying but you’ll get the general idea quick enough.

I really wish the author gave more insight to what their world was like. He only give snippets of info like they go to the Moon on Spring Break, Link is Abe Lincoln’s clone, and meat grows on bushes? I need to know more!!

The advertising that the characters see is so bizarre and over the top. You know the ads you see online are catered to your interests because of your cookies? Well, imagine that times a million because the characters ads are designed because the advertisers know everything about people. Where they’ve been, what they’ve looked at, etc.


4/5 I highly recommend this book especially if you like Science Fiction.



3 thoughts on “Book Review: “Feed”

  1. I really enjoyed how Anderson played with language in the book. It felt like Clockwork Orange light, just the right feeling of dystopia told through shifts in vocabulary.

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