Review Policy

Updated: 6/10/2014

Thanks for your interest in having me review your book! I appreciate and am very flattered at every request I receive but I am unable respond to every request that I get. I will get back to you if I’m interested in reviewing your book.
Thank you for considering me though!

This blog is primarily a public reading journal. I use it to share my thoughts on the books I read. I work full time in a library so my reading time is very limited.

Because of this I’m very picky about the books I choose to accept for review. I’m only going to accept review requests that really interest and excite me. I think that’s the fairest thing for both of us. I’m pretty clear about what I like and want to read so please respect my wishes.

Please do NOT attach your book in the first email you send me.

I will consider review requests for Young Adult and Middle Grade books in these genres:

  • Science Fiction
  • Dystopia/Post-apocalyptic Fiction
  • Fantasy (I don’t do well with epic or high fantasy.)
  • Occasionally Contemporary Fiction (I really prefer the funny books over the more serious ones.)
  • Mysteries
  • Some Historical Fiction (Preferably no Middle Ages or older time periods.)
  • Books that incorporate mythology (Greek mythology is my favorite!), other literature, or literary figures.
  • If your book is similar to something I’ve read and enjoyed. (Make sure you tell me what it’s similar to!)
  • I’ve very picky about the Self Published books I accept.

Books I am NOT accepting for review requests

  • Adult Fiction
  • Children’s books (ages 0 to about 8)
  • Paranormal Romance
  • Romance [Seriously, even YA romance or books with a touch of romance. I hate it. I don't care about mysterious boys that show up and those that are drawn to them. Doesn't interest me at all.]

  • Sports stories
  • Animal stories
  • Erotica
  • Westerns
  • Religious/Spiritual books [I am religious; I just prefer to pick out my own books on the subject]

*Fair warning, I’m not a fan of tons of gore, language, sex, or drugs. If your book has a lot of any of those, I’m not going to like it too much and will rate & review it accordingly.

I do not accept physical books (I have no room for the books I already own!) Ebooks only. I have a Kindle so any ebooks must be Kindle compatible. I am on NetGalley. If your book is on there, let me know in the request!

What I Need From You When You Email Me (Required information. Requests w/o info definitely are deleted.)

  • Who you are
  • Title and Author’s name
  • Age Group and Genre of book (example: YA Mystery or MG Historical Fiction)
  • Summary
  • Book cover
  • Amazon link and Goodreads link
  • Release date (if it’s not out)
  • Do you need a review by a certain day? If so, when?
  • Link to excerpts if available. I enjoy being able to read a few chapters while considering a request.
  • Why I would enjoy the book. I have tons to read so I need a very good reason to procrastinate on my books. :)
  • Any other information you want to share about the book

When I accept a book:

  • I try my best to read and review everything I accept. There is a chance I might DNF (did not finish) the book. I still write a “review” if that happens. I only discuss what I read and my reasons for not finishing it. It might not be my cup of tea but instead be perfect for one of my readers.
  • I don’t guarantee a positive review. My thoughts are my honest opinions; what I liked and what I didn’t like.
  • Turn around time varies. I schedule posts so I tend to be booked for about 5-6 weeks out at any time. Let me know in advance if you want a review by a certain time.
  • I post my reviews here and on Goodreads and sometimes Amazon.

Read all that and your book fits? Email me.

Bonus for Traditional Publishers:

I do tween programming at the library and dabble a bit with teen programming. If you have links to fun things to do with your books, please send them along with your request! I might not be able to review the book for the blog but would love to try to incorporate your book(s) into a program.

Like I said above, this is a personal reading journal not an advertising platform for authors. I am open to the idea of posting other book goodies on the blog if I support and believe in the book.

If I don’t accept your book or you need help finding more book bloggers, try looking over my advice for authors.

Basic Stats as of  July 2014:

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