YA Indie: Rating Books

Hi guys!

I have a new post up on YA Indie.

Today I’m discussing bloggers and rating books. For all you book bloggers out there, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments on the post. Rating books is difficult and everyone has different feelings on the subject so that makes everything harder.  I know authors have a difficult time seeing it from our point of view.

BTW: This will be my last post on YA Indie (for a while?). I addressed pretty much all the issues I wanted to talk about. I might drop by in the future if they need a book blogger’s perspective on issues that come up.

If you would like to blog over at YA Indie (about once a month) on book blogging/other things of interest for indie authors, please let me know! They have a few slots open for new bloggers.

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3 thoughts on “YA Indie: Rating Books

  1. Rating is really hard! I find I have to read books when I am ready for them or I can’t read them at all. Is that an emotional thing? I don’t know. By reading them when I am ready for them, they get a higher rating.
    Then, my favorite reads usually leave me emotionally happy or amazed thoughful or something, does that deserve 5 stars? I don’t know. I go with my gut. This isn’t rocket science, but sometimes I feel guilty about a lower rating because of the feelings of the people that wrote it. I guess as long as we can explain why we liked something or not…to back up the sparkly stars (or lack thereof) I feel better about it.
    THAT is the hard part though. Writing reviews about every book I read. Sometimes I really just don’t know what to say besides, “oooh, that was fun, you should read it too.” :)

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    • Emotions factor into my ratings as well. If I’m not in a fantasy mood I’ll sometimes like a book less than if I read it in the ‘right mood’. It’s a bummer sometimes!

      Haha, I have that problem too. I’m terrible at figuring out how to convince people to read books. I just want to yell “READ IT” and shove the book at them. That’s good enough, right? :P

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